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Soru 1

Cümleye anlamca en yakın seçeneği bulunuz.

Jack had placed the advertisement in a place where consumers were unlikely to see it.

A) It is possible for everyone to see an advertisement because Jack put it in a suitable place.
B) The advertisement which had been put by Jack could be seen easily.
C) The consumers cannot see the advertisement that Jack has put in a place.
D) The advertisement that Jack had put was not likely to be noticed by potential buyers.
E) It was not likely to realize the advertisement which consumers had put for Jack.


Soru 2

Reece : - - - -?

Arnold : I think it’s because of my unusual hobbies. I mean only a few people prefer doing extreme sports like highlining or wingsuiting.

A) Why do you spend too much time with outdoor activities
B)  What do other people do when they do highlining
C)  Why do people always call you the odd man out
D)  How long does it take you to reach the summit
E) Where do you usually go for wingsuiting


Soru 3

Choose the correct answer.

My sister and I ---- in a suburb of Birmingham before we ---- to move to London. So we gave some advice to our cousin Jerry who asked for information about rental flats there.

A) were living / had decided
B) had lived / decided
C) live / are going to decide
D) lived / had decided
E) live / will decide


Soru 4

Aşağıdaki diyaloğu anlamlı şekilde tamamlayan ifadeyi bulunuz.

Tom     : Hello, Lucy. How are things?

Lucy    : Hi, Tom. Fine, Thank you. What are you doing?

Tom     : I'm just studying for my exams.

Lucy    : ----?

Tom     : I'm afraid I can't. I am helping my mum with the shopping. How about tomorrow afternoon?

Lucy    : Yeah, I'm free then.

Tom     : OK. What time shall we meet?

Lucy    : Let's meet in front of the cinema at 2:30.

Tom     : Cool. See you there.

A) What are you doing on Saturday?
B) Do you and your friend want to go to the cinema?
C) Are you helping me with my work tomorrow?
D) Is she coming to the cinema with us?
E) Do fancy going out this afternoon?

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