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Finding Partners

Here are some ways to find project partners.
1. Partner Search Database
Ecorys Partner Search Database
You can register your organisation on the UK Leonardo, Grundtvig & Transversal Partner finding database. This is an easy-to-use tool which allows you to search for partners in the EU and other eligible countries. 
Visit the Partner Search Database >>
Other Partner Search Databases
The following databases have been developed in other countries participating in the programme, and you may also find these useful in your search.
The Lithuanian National Agency has developed a database which you can find at
There is a Turkish partner-search tool for the Lifelong Learning Programme:
You can use a partner-search tool developed in Luxembourg:
The Senior European Volunteers Exchange Network (SEVEN Network) has launched a partner-finding tool for Grundtvig Senior Volunteering Projects on their website:
If you are interested in Grundtvig Assistantships you could try the Maltese partner-search tool which is only for Grundtvig Assistantships:
2. Attend a Contact Seminar
Attending a Contact Seminar is a great way to find partners, make contacts and develop project ideas to submit for Grundtvig funding. 
We can help you access funding to attend these events and meet a wide variety of organisations interested in collaborating in Grundtvig projects.

3. Using existing contacts and links
Many organisations already have European links through networking bodies, partnerships or work contacts. Using partners already known by your organisation means you can rely on a pre-existing relationship to add commitment to the partnership. So why not talk to your colleagues to see who they know?

4. Go on a Preparatory Visit
Preparatory Visits are intended to help UK organisations find new European partners or meet prospective partners to discuss future Grundtvig grant applications. Funding is for organisations who want to apply for a Partnerships or Senior Volunteering project grant.
Find out more about Preparatory Visits funding.
Apply for Preparatory Visits funding.

5. Participate in a Study Visit
Participation in a Transversal Study Visit is a great way to find new partners for future collaboration. 
Find out more.
If you need more help then please call the Grundtvig Helpline on 0845 199 1919, or send an email

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